Picture Character

Friday 17th July — 7.00pm

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“Enlightening. Everything you ever wanted to know about emoji’s but were afraid to ask.” Hollywood Reporter

Chances are, you use emojis  every day and know very little about them. Emojis don’t spring into being all by themselves. They must be approved by something called the Unicode Consortium. Starting out as a limited set of simple icons, emojis have now ballooned into a pop culture phenomenon. But what does it take to design an emoji and take it through the Unicode process to be uploaded worldwide?

Picture Character demystifies the process of creating emojis by profiling three activists behind new additions  – emojis wearing the hijab,  variable skin-tone emojis, and the cultural emojis, like the traditional South American mate drink.

Directors Martha Shane and Ian Cheney lead viewers on a deep dive into the ever-evolving world of picture characters, from their humble beginnings in Japan to mobile keyboards the world over. And shed fresh light on the private consortium that approves new emoji offerings and the individuals fighting to make the language more representative to its billions of users.

The film is inspiring — next time you find yourself searching for a missing emoji, instead of firing off an annoyed “Why isn’t there an ‘X’ emoji?” tweet, maybe you should take matters into your own hands, and draft a proposal of your own.

Directors: Martha Shane, Ian Cheney
Producers: Ian Cheney, Jennifer 8. Lee, Martha Shane
81 minutes



Co Directors

Martha directed and produced with filmmaker Ian Cheney, had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, followed by an international premiere at Hot Docs. Martha was included in DOC NYC’s second annual “40 under 40” list of emerging talent in the documentary world.

Ian Cheney, an Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning documentary filmmaker. He has completed eight feature-length documentaries and numerous short films. He lives in Maine.



Jennifer Lee, Producer of Picture Character, live from New York, in conversation with Allycia Cox &  Adeline Johnston two of Castlemaine’s best and brightest Year 12 students.

Allycia Cox is a year 12 Student at Castlemaine Secondary College currently studying Theatre Studies, Maths, English, Art & Outdoor Environmental Studies and she  ‘ likes all things that are good.’

Adeline Johnston is ayear 12 Student at Castlemaine Secondary College who is passionate about performing arts, politics and music.

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