5:30pm Saturday 17 September 2023

CLIMATE CHANGERS - a brave new film tracking Prof. Tim Flannery’s global search for genuine climate leadership and reflection on his own trajectory as a conservationist.

Screened in concert across Australia, the film will be followed by a live zoom Q&A with Tim Flannery, Australian-American inventor and engineer Saul Griffith and international human rights lawyer Kavita Naidoo.

CLIMATE CHANGERS recently premiered to packed audiences at the Sydney Film Festival, and follows scientist and conservationist Prof. Tim Flannery as he scours the planet, interviewing everyone from politicians, to CEOs and activists and cultural leaders – asking all do we have what it takes to get out of this mess?

Each person Tim talks to brings their own story and lessons: a West Papuan villager, a former Chair of COP15 in Copenhagen, a former Prime Minister of Australia, an Australian government energy minister, a CEP industrialist former-polluter now hydrogen-zealot, a barefoot engineer and climate change advisor to Joe Niden, an international human rights activist, a Torres Strait activist on the frontlines of sea level rise, a Chief of the Kwaio tribe in Solomon Islands, a Scottish geographer, and a CEP of an Aboriginal land council. Each identifies solutions and models for potential pathways through this perilous landscape.

The film also shares what frustrates and motivates Tim – and where he believes the solutions lie to humanity’s greatest challenge. Throughout he reflects on his own journey – from his early days as a palaeontologist, observing the first signs of climate change, to his tireless efforts at Copenhagen’s COP15 im 2009, to fending off deeply personal attacks from deniers and right-wing media, to Glasgow’s COP 26 in 2001, and to today’s pressing geopolitical challenges and the fossil fuel industry’s obstruction to change. And yet, as Tim finds, there are still many causes for hope.

While the science is not in question, and we already know the solutions to climate change, finding the necessary leadership on this issue has proven elusive. Join us, and Tim – on this exciting exploration into what we need to lead positive change on climate.