LOCALS 2024 call for entries

Films by locals

Come and see what films talented locals to Castlemiane and surrounds have made this year.
Films are restricted to six minutes each.

Calling anyone who lives, works, plays (or has some meaningful connection) to central Victoria to submit a less-than-six-minute-film to LOCALS.

LOCALS is a program showcasing regionally made work at the Castlemaine Documentary Festival.

Whether you are an experienced producer, a first time filmmaker, or somewhere in between, we would love an opportunity to share your work with our film loving audience.

Your film can be about anything and in any style; experimental non-fiction or observational documentary, informative or entertaining, historical or personal.

On the night the audience will vote for their favourite film – and the top two chosen will each receive a Black Magic DaVinci Resolve Studio, worth $500

TIME LIMIT: 6 minutes 

DEADLINE: 1 May 2024


For the submission form you will need

Title of film
> Film duration: in minutes and seconds (includes titles and credits)
> Film synopsis: Less than 50 words to give a sense of what the film is about 
> Film credits: names and roles of contributors and participants
> Bio about the filmmaker or filmmaking team
> Social handles & links: who to shout out to if the film is selected for screening
> Film production images: up to 5 stills
> Viewing link (Vimeo or YouTube): screening files will be requested later
> Confirm you own the copyright
> Confirm you have consent to the screen the film
> Contact details


Why don’t you want me to submit my 2gig film file on the entry form?
We will email you to ask you to submit the film file after we have received your submission form, viewed the link and know the film is not going to be re-edited. It’s a lot easier for our team to audition films via a link than each of us having to download large files.

Will you email me a confirmation of my submission?
Yes, we will email you within 7 days, if we don’t – then assume something got lost in transit and contact us at locals@cdocff.com.au

Can you give me advice on filmmaking?
We have put together a Filmmaking Workshop Series to help those entering LOCALS. We can also give limited advice on your project while it’s in development/production and feedback on how to finesse or get your film down to 6-minutes if you are editing the work.

Do I get free tickets if my film is selected for the screening?
Yes! We give you two complimentary tickets and invite you to say a few words about the film on the night.

Do you offer a prize for the best film?
On the night of the screening the audience votes for their favourite film… we are offering two DaVinci Resolve studio, valued at $500, to first and second place, but really, everyone who screens their work at LOCALs is a winner.

I have an awesome film but it’s longer than 6-minutes…
Most films look and flow better with a bit of ‘slash and burn’ – and if your film is close ‘to time’, then we can offer advice on what to cut… but if your film is longer and perfect for our Castlemaine Documentary Festival audience, then email us and we can talk about potentially screening it elsewhere in the festival.

Does the film have to have been made in the past year, as with other film festivals?
No, it can have been made any time.

I have a question that is not answered here…
No Problem, then drop us an email at locals@cdocff.com.au.

Hear from past LOCALS participants

“Being part of the C-Doc locals event in 2022 was such a positive experience. Not only was it great to have the local people I’d filmed be able to attend and see themselves on the big screen, but it was inspiring to see just how many other creative people are making work and with this event, have a chance for it to be seen publicly in such a celebratory way” 

Mitch Nirvalis 
Creative Director 
‘Equal the Contest’
WINNER: Audience Favourite Award

“As an entrant into the Castlemaine Documentary Film Festival (cDoc) and receiving the honour of coming in third place, it has been a transformative experience for my career as a filmmaker.

Being a part of the cDoc festival has allowed me to connect with fellow filmmakers, industry professionals, and an engaged audience who share a passion for the art of documentary filmmaking. Both at viewings and industry events. The platform you provided has not only increased the visibility of my work but has also opened doors to new opportunities and collaborations. This has led to new and exciting commercial prospects locally, as well as being invited to work on bigger projects nationally in positions I could only dream of with national broadcasting and streaming services.

The festival’s commitment to celebrating and promoting documentary filmmaking has had a profound impact on my journey as a filmmaker. The feedback, support, and recognition I received from both the festival organizers and the audience have been invaluable in shaping my growth and development in this field. It truly is a wonderful experience and the invaluable platform that Cdoc has provided. I look forward to continued engagement with the festival and contributing to the documentary filmmaking community.”

Fred Farquhar
Creative Co-Director 
‘What make a Local?’
WINNER: Audience Favourite Award

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