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CDOC pops up at our favourite venue — the Theatre Royal Castlemaine

Monday 8th March – International Women’s Day

What a night! The fantastically festive atmosphere, the fundraiser for the Centre for Non Violence, with a brilliant talk from executive manager Yvette Jaczina, and the fabulous performances from Felicity Cripps and Maggie Rigby, there could have been no better way to celebrate International Women’s Day and the inspiring film that is Women Of Steel!
Lots of love and thanks to the Theatre Royal Castlemaine, who opened up especially for this outstanding event, and of course that is shared with all of you who bought tickets and came along to the Pop-Up and the Q&A with director Robynne Murphy and Hollie Fifer.
For those of you who missed out, make sure to head on over to the Women Of Steel website for any upcoming sessions and keep an eye out for CDOC’s next Pop-Up by subscribing to our newsletter!
Photography Credit: Leonie Van Eyk


THANK YOU to all you wonderful people who supported us!!!

CDOC 2020 —— To all of you who joined us at the Theatre Royal and those of you that joined us In the Clouds, we thank you. It was an experimental kinda festival this year with COVID forcing us to make some pretty big changes and rather than just cancel, we pivoted to come to you in your homes…

A small budget, small crew and limited time saw us achieve what we set out to do – we wanted to not only show the films but offer the after film discussions as well, this is after all part of what makes C-Doc so very special. Your support means so much to us and we are so grateful that you chose to spend some time ‘with’ us… We hope you are all well and safe. Be kind to each other and yourselves, reach out to someone if you need help and give help if you can. Kindness always makes sense..even when everything else doesn’t…

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