In an increasingly virtual world lived online, more and more people are craving the authenticity that comes from documentary film. Be it real-life characters, real-life stories or real-world problems, feature-length documentaries now easily compete with fiction films in terms of emotional engagement, character development, story arc and unforgettable moments. As well as showing fascinating people in fascinating worlds, documentary films challenge injustices, hold people and governments to account, and bring audiences face to face with the pressing problems of our age.


The Castlemaine Documentary Film Festival is an annual three day event held across the third weekend in July at the iconic Theatre Royal in Castlemaine, mainland Australia’s longest continuously operating cinema. It features a world class program of films showcasing a series of fascinating worlds populated by even more fascinating characters.

Curated by dual Emmy Award-winning director, Geoffrey Smith, the Castlemaine Documentary Film Festival draws its program from the best of feature-length documentary films globally and showcases Australian film makers.

The festival provides a deep and enriching experience by connecting audiences with many of the film directors and key contributors by way of live in venue and live via Skype Q&A sessions.  It is an immersive and intimate experience, taking place in one venue, providing a platform for a diverse group of people to connect for an extended shared experience in a social setting.


Click the image below to view our gallery of the 2018 Castlemaine Documentary Film Festival .

Photo: Diana Domonkos Photography

Castlemaine is an easy 90 minute drive from Melbourne, 1 hour from Ballarat and under 1 hour from Bendigo, Daylesford, Kyneton and Woodend.

Why not make a weekend of it? There’s plenty of accommodation options to suit most budgets.
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