A place for our community to come together, discuss great storytelling in film and new media, share creative skills and bring about positive and tangible change.

Club CDoc has grown up around the Castlemaine Documentary Festival weekend to provide year-round activities and programs that support a shared space between communities and filmmakers. 

Delivering bi-monthly pop-up screenings, Q&A panels, guest presentations, workshops and social events – Club CDoc engages audiences and the creative sector alike. Working in concert, the Festival and Club C-Doc celebrate diversity and profile the issues of our time – from the local to the global, past and present, and also bring our community together.

Born from the necessity of lockdown restrictions in 2021, Club CDoc quickly found a vital role in delivering films and discussion panels that can’t wait until the annual festival – nurturing  the vibrant local film culture and keeping  the conversations current. Often our programs serve as ongoing catalysts for community action, public education and highlight issues around advocacy with the intention of making a positive contribution and difference.

We also actively support local  and regional creative media practitioners by providing our LOCALS Opening Night of  the Festival. Experienced and first-time filmmakers are encouraged to enter LOCALS and are engaged and supported  through workshops and networking opportunities during the year. LOCALS has proved extremely popular for both audiences and makers. Similarly, the annual media industry lunch, held at a Castlemaine restaurant, is becoming another well-attended fixture of the Festival.

Club CDoc events happen in partnership with the Theatre Royal, as well as other local venues including the Northern Arts Hotel and Shed Shaker. We listen to our film viewing and filmmaking community and our  activities are initiated and developed in response to surveys and feedback.

Club CDoc is unique because the creative sector it serves is truly  local. This connection builds audience awareness, drives innovation, inspires creators, and guides and shapes ideas and subjects. These activities and programs around filmmaking and screen culture  then feed directly into the winter Castlemaine Documentary Festival.  Strategically, Club CDoc reflects CDoc Ltd’s awareness of the pragmatic ways in which festivals need to adapt and innovate, while maintaining core values of in-person contact and the intimacy of shared experience and place.

What's coming up next?

Workshop & Masterclass

In Storytelling and film development

With Production Executive Sam Dinning, Producer/Director Tony Jackson and Editor Bergen O’Brien.

In this three hour class you will be guided through development, shooting and editing.

Saturday 9 September 2023 
Northern Arts Hotel


and Q&A

Climate changers: Tim Flannery’s search for climate leadership

Where are the leaders who will drive change? How might they succeed where others have failed? Tim poses these questions as he meets global leaders from the corridors of power and frontlines of climate change.

Sunday 17 September 2023
Theatre Royal


and Q&A

Senses of cinema: John Hughes

The rise and fall of Filmmakers’
Co-operatives is a lively, untold story
of the late 20th century Australia that links social movements of the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s with an ‘underground’ cinema that fostered alternative filmmaking enterprise in production, distribution and exhibition.

Saturday 7 October 2023
Northern Arts Hotel



We are very grateful for our Partners who help C-Doc Ltd to invest in and develop our cultural landscape.